Easy Fundraising Ideas for Individuals: Make a Difference in Your Community

The internet offers a myriad of Easy Fundraising Ideas possibilities and is an effective and low-cost method to generate money. It is a great way of being able to reach to a wider audience beyond the boundaries of geography and reach out to a wider public. The key to success is:

  • Make sure your ads are targeted to target the audience that is most likely to be interested . Fundraising intelligence software can assist you to identify what your target audience is.
  • You should have the proper tools set up. You might need landing pages for collecting data or software to provide the type of fundraiser you need. Include the cost of the tools or software within your financial budget.
  • Create an engaging “hook.” The internet is a noisy place, so you must grab an attention from your target audience and entice them to act. It’s worth the time to get your text, video or other mediums right.

What are some Easy Fundraising Ideas online? Here are a few suggestions from us:

  • Organise an auction online. Seek donations, or auction off items that aren’t expensive however are valuable to the donors. For instance, a favorite parking spot in your facility, or tickets for the next sporting event.
  • Provide some online courses. What Easy Fundraising Ideas do you have that others would be willing to pay for?
  • Make use of Facebook fundraising. There are a number of options with this. You can firstly, directly organize a fundraiser that is linked to your Facebook page. It usually takes the form of a simple request for donations. Additionally, you can request that your Facebook users organize fundraisers on behalf of you. Facebook often offers users the opportunity to raise funds in honor of their birthdays and so you can advertise that you’d like your organization to receive.

Raffle unique opportunities

Raffles can offer more people a chance to win a prize to earn money for your business. As opposed to auctions and raffles they can generate smaller sales, while auctions can encourage a lot of

Selling tickets means that the smaller donors often have the chance to contribute while the larger contributors might just want to purchase more tickets. As an organization that promotes culture and arts think about the unique possibilities you can offer for raffles such as:

  • The chance to conduct the orchestra in your next performance (or raffle it at the performance and draw following the intermission).
  • Backstage access or personal tours.
  • Unique classes. One-on-one tutoring might also appeal to you.
  • The chance to “meet and meet and greet” such as with performers, singers and speakers…
  • Afternoon tea with someone that is important to your business.

Host a unique event

Cultural and arts-related organizations are typically the most suited to organize special events that are Easy Fundraising Ideas with donors. Actually, this is an important factor to take into consideration in relation to retention of donors. If people are looking at events they’ve previously enjoyed it’s more likely that you’ll find frequent supporters.

What do you have to think about? Here are some ideas:

  • Variety shows. Invite different artists to take part and put on a fantastic show.
  • Lectures by guest speakers. For example, involve a person who is well-known in your field, who can give an engaging talk.
  • Gala for charity. A lot of people are excited to get dressed up for an evening out!
  • Degustation dinner.
  • Festival of film.
  • Camps for children or workshops.

Let customers

A lot of cultural and arts-related organizations already have a database of patrons who are loyal and committed supporters of the organization. Directly reaching out to your most loyal supporters is an effective method to increase donations.

Some fundraising strategies for reaching out to include:

  • Keep your customers informed and involved with the latest news from your company. Send personal emails or notes written in hand.
  • Take the phone. Engaging on a more personal basis can lead to the giving of money.
  • Thank them for their assistance. Let them know how much impact they’ve had on your business. You could also publicly thank their sponsors by naming them on your materials (such as publications)

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